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Polylok Roto-Flow

The Roto-Flow enables equal distribution to your leaching fields, serving as a low cost solution to your distribution box flow regulating issues. It is available in 3” (Part #: PL-ROTOFLOW300) and 4” (Part #: PL-ROTOFLOW400) sizes and fits both SCH. 40, SDR 35 and thin wall pipe sizes. The Roto-Flow is made from HDPE and is designed to stand up in the septic environment without failing. The design ensures a good fit in all pipe sizes without collapsing or creating a loose fit.

Part Number Description
PL-ROTOFLOW300B-B 3″ HDPE Septic Flow Regulator
PL-ROTOFLOW400B-B 4″ HDPE Septic Flow Regulator

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