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Graf HD Septic Holding Tanks

With high stability and strength, these German-engineered Carat S tanks by GRAF exceed industry standards. You’ll love them for their versatility, ease of installation and use, and low shipping and operating costs. Use the Carat S as a septic tank, pump chamber, or wastewater treatment system. These belowground Carat S tanks are also ideal for rainwater harvesting and stormwater retention/detention. The groundwater stable tanks feature long-lasting water-tightness, thanks to a circumferential profile gasket, and they are suitable for vehicle loading.

The GRAF Carat S tank range is produced using a method that is as yet unique for tanks of this size. The injection compression process gives the products an incomparable stability – all Carat S underground tanks are suitable for vehicle loading and can be installed in groundwater up to the middle of the tanks. Additionally, the new method guarantees that the components will fit; a result that cannot be achieved with conventional production methods.

Graf HD Holding Tanks
Capacity Part # / Drawing Dia./ Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Lid/Fill Opening (in) Fitting (in) Weight (lbs)
USG IG LTR Premium Weight 1.5-1.7 SG Heavy Weight 1.9 SG
700 583 2700 N/A 372024B-B 61 82 55.1 31.5 N/A 265
1000 833 3750 N/A 372025B-B 69 90 62.6 31.5 N/A 331
1250 1041 4800 N/A 372026B-B 78 90 71.7 31.5 N/A 408
1700 1416 6500 N/A 372027B-B 86 94 82.7 31.5 N/A 485
1700 1416 6500 Extension Tank 372014B-B 86 94 82.7 31.5 N/A 490
Graf HD Holding Tank Accessories
Part # Size Description Weight (lbs)
371041B-B N/A Dome Shaft Mini for Carat S N/A
371040B-B N/A Dome Shaft Maxi for Carat S N/A
375077B-B N/A Tank Baffle for Carat S N/A
371010B-B N/A Mini Telescopic Dome Shaft with PP Lid, suitable for pedestrian loading. 13.2
371011B-B N/A Maxi Telescopic Dome Shaft with PP Lid, suitable for pedestrian loading. 28.7
371003B-B N/A Extension Carat S N/A
371020B-B N/A Telescopic Dome Shaft with Cast Iron Lid, suitable for vehicle loading. N/A
340022B-B N/A Universal-Filter 3 Internal 9.5
340037B-B N/A Optimax-Pro® Filter Internal with curved outlet. 6.6
340060B-B N/A Minimax-Filter 3 Internal 5.5
202030B-B N/A Overflow Siphon DN 100 with rodent guard. N/A
330108B-B N/A Overflow Siphon DN 100 N/A
330140B-B N/A Calmed Inlet Pot N/A
332033B-B N/A 4″ SCH 40 Pipe Seal DN 100 Black – Wall Thickness 9-13mm. N/A
330612B-B N/A 4″ Tank Dome Inlet Plug (Sleeve Socket DN 110) N/A
61765B-B N/A 4″ Rubber SDR35 Pipe Grommet 1″ HUB (Tank Dome Use Only) N/A
322001B-B N/A 127mm Hole Saw For DN 100 Pipe Seal N/A


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