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Bulk Laundry Carts


This model is equipped with molded in handles for easy controlled movement. Its smooth, seamless plastic surface eliminates any chance of linen snags while handling laundry and also provides a sanitary, easy to clean solution. There is no exposed metal to rust on the cart.

Additionally, removable re-inforced plastic shelves drop down to create a secure gate. 6″ Heavy Duty Althane casters provide 1500 lbs load capacity.

1800B & 1700B

These models feature painted steel bases, 6″ neoprene casters and easy access sidewalls. They also are manufactured with heavy ribbing for maximum durability.

Item / Description Capacity Width (in) Length (in) Height (in) Material Part # / Drawing
USG LTR Cubic Feet Lbs/Kgs
30 Bushell Bulk Laundry Cart 277 1047 37 1000 lbs 28 48 55 Polyethylene 1700B-B
37 Bushell Bulk Laundry Cart 344 1302 46 1000 lbs 28 48 66 Polyethylene 1800B-B
37 Bushell Convertible Linen Cart 344 1302 46 1500 lbs 28 48 73.5 Polyethylene 1750B-B

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